Baby bath time…

When I was pregnant I envisioned what bath time would be like with a newborn.  I pictured holding my tiny little human all wrapped up in a big fluffy towel and gently trickling water over him while he peacefully stared into my eyes…Boy was I in for a shocker! As soon as his clothes and nappy came off he screamed, when I picked him up he screamed, as soon as the water touched him he screamed, he pee’d all over me and basically didn’t stop screaming until he was out of the water, dried and fully clothed again.

Since that day I dreaded bath time with Adam and put it off as much as I could.  I really wanted him to enjoy splashing around in the bath but he hated it.  Once he was past the two month mark I made it my mission to bath him everyday as part of getting him into a bedtime routine and he now actually seems to enjoy splashing around in the water.  I try and make it as fun as possible, stick some music on and go over the top with lots of dramatic praise while he just lies there bemused.  As a newborn I didn’t feel comfortable using anything on Adam’s delicate skin but after a few weeks I began using Child’s Farm bubble bath in the water and the hair and body wash on his hair and thankfully his skin has loved the products as much as I have.  After his bath we use a bit of the nappy cream on his bottom and the sensitive lotion everywhere else.  He started getting dry flaky patches on his face and head so I’ve even used these on those and it’s cleared up almost instantly.

Originally it was the eye catching packaging, the words organic, sensitive and the fact they were suitable from birth that attracted me to the range as I’d never heard of them before but a little bit of googling bought me to Joanna Jensen’s story and how she came to develop the range and that is when I knew I’d be using these products on my baby.

Being a new mum is hard enough without having to deal with worrying about what products are safe and what aren’t skincare wise and Child’s Farm have just taken the stress out of it completely.  I know I can trust that any mother who has developed something specifically for their own child will only be using the best ingredients and safest ethos which is why I will be continuing with Child’s farm for the foreseeable future.

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