Making memories… Barrett & Coe Review

As I sit here writing this I find it unbelievably frightening yet wonderfully exciting that Adam will soon be 12 weeks old.  Everyday has been a challenge and each morning I wake to find he has grown just a little bit more.  When he was born 12 weeks seemed so far away and I couldn’t wait for him to grow so that we could play together and I could make him laugh, now that he’s doing all those things I yearn for the tiny baby that was placed in my arms on January 13th. I had all these elaborate plans for capturing all of his milestones but through all the constant feeds and late night nappy changes it saddens me to think I’ve not done as much as I could have done to capture his subtle changes, it’s like I’ve blinked and he’s transformed into this beautiful, happy little mini human and he’s just not my little baby anymore.  I am fully aware I sound as if I’m shipping him off to university tomorrow and he is still very much a baby but it seems time is running away from us and if I could I would stop it.

Since realising I will never get that tiny baby back I’ve made it my mission to take at least one new picture of him everyday, to dress him in something new, to show him the world, to take him for walks and let him explore the world around us and now when he goes down to bed for the night I regret those days in the beginning when I was so sleep deprived I would just will him to sleep because now that he sleeps for hours at a time I actually miss him even though he’s right next to me.

In the name of making new memories we were lucky enough to take Adam for his first professional photo shoot courtesy of Emma’s Diary and Barrett & Coe photography.  It melted my heart watching my little baby have a proper professional shoot and at first I was a bit apprehensive, this was my little baby posing for grown up photos but Peter Evans (our photographer) couldn’t have been more professional.  He instantly took to snapping some unbelievably beautiful photos and put us all at ease with his professionalism, maneuvering Adam into lots of different positions and even accommodating our wishes of having some pictures with Adam’s favourite elephant teddy.  We were even given some time in between shooting to give Adam a quick feed and to have a change of outfits for him.  Due to a cancellation after our shoot we were able to view all the photos straight away in the viewing room with a cup of coffee.  We’ve since received a message from Peter Evans informing us that our photos are almost ready for collection and we can’t wait to see them!  If you’d like more information about Barrett & Coe Essex you can follow them on their Facebook page here and to view some of our pictures take a look at this short video presentation that they’ve made for you to view here.

We’d just like to say a big thank you to Emma’s diary for giving us the opportunity to make new memories with our little boy and to Peter and the Team at Barrett & Coe for having us in the studio.


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