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I’d never heard of Mam until I got pregnant.  When we began baby shopping I was fully prepared to buy bottles.  Not because I didn’t want to breastfeed but because I had already planned to express some milk and share the responsibility of feeding with my husband.  I also didn’t realise I’d become so obsessed and emotional about breastfeeding when everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I am also of the belief that as beautiful as it is for a mother and baby to bond over breastfeeding, fathers should be able to get in on some of that bonding time too and I know hubby has enjoyed doing some of the feeds too.

So because I was fully prepared to express and bottle feed we went in search of a feeding set that contained a pump, steriliser and bottles and from previous research I’d found a Tommee Tippee set that we’d decided we were going to buy however when we got to Babies’R’Us the sales assistance steered us in the direction of the Mam Breastfeeding starter set and told us it was actually much more popular, half the price and had rave reviews.  We’d never heard of Mam and were a bit sceptical at first but we were swayed and picked it up.  I never expected that we’d get so much use out of the bottles in the beginning but if you’ve read my breastfeeding journey post you’ll know we did have a few teething issues and I don’t know where we would have been without them.  I even, in my sleep deprived and emotional state microwaved the handle of the breast pump which clearly isn’t microwave safe and ended up with a melted, totally unusable pump meaning hubby had to make a quick dash for Argos to pick up another set which also included milk storage pots and more bottles.

The picture above is just for reference but our set contained:

  • 5 ounce bottles
  • 9 ounce bottles
  • Manual breast pump
  • Microwave steriliser
  • Bottle cleaning brush
  • Size 1 and 2 teats
  • 2 dummies
  • 2 nipple shields and a steriliser box for them.

Although we’ve now packed away the steriliser and bottles as he’s such a good feeder now, I still use the pump now and then when Adam decides to the sleep through the night and the I become so engorged I can’t sleep anyway.  The nipple shields also came in very handy in the beginning when breastfeeding was pure agony and although Adam still refuses to take a dummy (pacifier), it’s been useful having them for occasions when he just wont settle or when we’re out and it’s not possible to put him directly on the breast quick enough.

I couldn’t recommend Mam products enough, the bottles can be self sterilised so when you just need one bottle you can just put it in the microwave for 3 minutes with a bit of water and it’s clean and ready for use.  This also came in very handy when we were out as I could pop into any restaurant or cafe and have a clean bottle ready for Adam anytime.  I still keep a bottle and carton of formula in his changing bag for emergencies but can happily say I’ve not need them for quite some time, but I know that when we eventually start weaning I’ll happily take my beloved mam bottles out of storage and use them again.

I also ordered some of these milk powder storage pots but managed to wean Adam off the formula before I even got a chance to use them but I know that once he’s weaning and eating solids I can even use these for packing snacks when we’re out and about.

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