My favourite Clarins skin saviours…

I’ve always been very lucky in the skin department.  I used to say I’d been blessed with good skin because I never got breakouts and although it is sensitive, I could get away with hardly using anything on it and did for many many years…Until I got pregnant and the rush of hormones caused my skin to freak out!  I had spots! I’d never had spots before in my life but a few weeks into pregnancy and you could play dot to dot on my face!  I hoped it would get better after I gave birth but it’s actually gotten worse, my skin is even more sensitive than ever, I have hormonal breakouts and extremely dry patches especially on the tops of my cheeks and forehead.

I’d used the Hydraquench Cream on and off for years but this had been a little bit neglected recently, in fact so had my entire skin care routine as soon as Adam was born.  I put myself bottom of the ‘to do pile’ with Adam taking priority over everything until I really began suffering.  It wasn’t just that my skin didn’t look good, i mean it looked like absolute shit but it was also becoming so dry it was sore to touch and began cracking in places.  So out came the Hydraquench and it instantly soothed my sore skin, and my trusty jar of the dream cream finished quite quickly.  Then I discovered that Clarins don’t make the Hydraquench range anymore.  It’s now known as the Hydra-essential range.  Not knowing if it would be the same I’m working through some samples and so far they seem to be doing the job but what I did pick up was the One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser.  This has worked wonders at buffing away all those horrible flaky patches on the tops of my cheeks and thankfully my skin has been really enjoying all the TLC.

Now that Adam is 18 weeks I can finally say I’ve begun to find a bit of a balance between juggling a baby, managing a household, taking care of the hubby while also looking after myself a bit.  Life is beginning to get back to normal a little bit and if there is anybody out there with a newborn wondering if they will ever get their life back? You will, slowly…

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