Adam’s 6 month update…

As I look at this picture of my beautiful little boy the day he was born I can’t believe he’s 6 months old already! The title to this post is a little bit misleading seeing as today Adam actually turned 7 months! Where has the time gone!? Technically now that Adam has been on the planet for a whole 6 months I can update you all on how he’s been doing and all about his development…


I write this after not a particularly good night (he was up at 04.30!) but generally, 99% of the time Adam goes down after his dinner and bath anywhere between 19.30-20.00 and he will sleep through til 07.00-08.00 depending on how tired he is.  He actually started sleeping through the night at about 4 months but occasionally he does wake up once.  I’m guessing that will happen a lot more when he starts teething…


Speaking of teeth we haven’t yet seen any signs of any pearly whites just yet but I assume they’ll be making an appearance pretty soon.  Adam has always been quite a dribbly baby and he loves chomping on absolutely everything so I can never tell if he’s actually teething or just being his usual self…


I decided to go on the recommendations of the Department of Health and wait until Adam was 6 months before weaning him.  We have a family history of various allergies and so I’ve taken it slow when introducing new food.  I started him on pureed vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, carrots etc and I started with just the one small taster meal a day.  We have now, very quickly moved up to three little meals a day whilst still breastfeeding about 5 times a day.  Although Adam still has 5 milk feeds a day he has shortened the length of time he will feed for.


Adam learnt to roll over onto his front at quite a young age and very quickly learnt to roll himself back however he hasn’t actually mastered moving around or crawling as of yet.  He can sit with support but tends to take a tumble if i take my eye off of him for even a second.  His fine motor skills are really coming along now too. He can grab at his toys or anything that happens to hang in front of his face and, of course, it goes straight into his mouth!


Adam has always been quite a vocal little boy, he loves to babble and sometimes he just loves to scream for no apparent reason.  Although he is saying ‘Baba’, ‘Dada’ and ‘Mama’ I don’t think he has associated those words with myself or anybody else just yet.  I think he’s just finding his voice but it’s still adorable to listen to.

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