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If you’ve read my posts from the very beginning you will know that we left it until very late on in my pregnancy to actually start buying things for Adam, and then when he was born a little on the smaller side we did quite a bit of panic buying but one thing I never thought about buying was toys.  We’d been gifted a few little teddies and musical light up toys but other than that we had nothing.

I’d known about Lamaze Toys from having younger nieces and friends with babies but I didn’t actually start buying things until Adam was about two months old and I saw that all the other mummies in our local breastfeeding group had toys hanging from their baby’s car seats and prams and that’s when I started looking into baby sensory toys and how they would benefit his development.  I was under the impression that my baby wouldn’t need any toys until he was sitting up and holding things but as soon as I put his Lamaze Jacques the peacock on the handle of his car seat and he was instantly mesmerized by the colours and shapes.  Now that he’s a little bit older he loves grabbing at all the different textures and sucking on the beak.

His Hungry Caterpillar and Playgro donkey usually hang from his play mat where he loves reaching for them and kicking the rattles.  Although Adam is starting to grab and hold things he hasn’t fully grasped the concept of holding and picking up things so the fact I can easily hang these toys from his car seat, pram or play mat mean he can keep himself busy while I get stuff done.  I have to say though, his favourite toy of all is his Squeaky dog toy from Aldi, he loves the noise it makes when it squeaks and can easily grab onto the hands.  These toys are great for helping little ones with their fine motor development and hand eye coordination and provide hours of entertainment for little hands.

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