Carobel – the Reflux miracle

If you’re a Mama who’s baby is suffering from Reflux then you may want to listen up…

*I feel like I need to put a bit of a disclaimer in before I go any further. Always consult your Doctor before giving your baby anything new and if your baby is suffering with reflux then I’m sure you’re quite familiar with your Doctor anyway. I consulted my Doctor, the pharmacist and my Health visitor before trying Adam with Carobel but because it’s technically not a medicine (just a thickener fortified with vitamins and minerals) I felt confident enough to give it a go, however seeing your Doctor means they can examine and correctly identify the underlying causes of your child’s symptoms.*

I’d heard about Carobel from a mummy forum after weeks/months of constant throwing up and multiple changes of clothes for both myself and Adam throughout the day. I didn’t mind the changes of clothes too much, it was actually the fact that Adam was beginning to struggle to gain weight even though he was still being breastfed and having solids that had me concerned the most. Although he was still gaining weight he’d slowed down so much that he’d gone from gaining 4-6oz a week to barely gaining 1-2 oz a week and he was just always miserable, not wanting to eat or drink and I was having to hold him upright for the majority of nap times.

I was getting a little bit fed up of carting him off to see the Doctor only to be told to carry on giving him Infant Gaviscon even though it was just making him horrendously constipated and then being told to give him Lactulose to try and combat the constipation and it just didn’t make sense to keep giving my poor boy drug after drug to try and alleviate the side effects from other drugs. So after a fair bit of googling I read a fellow Mama’s suggestion to try Carobel and because I’d seen it at my local pharmacy I was intrigued. Carobel is a thickener used primarily to thicken foods and liquids for those with difficulties swallowing but because it can be used to thicken baby’s food, liquids and even milk it seems to work well at helping everything stay settled making it almost impossible for Adam to throw up.

Since using the Carobel Adam’s weight has picked up nicely and he’s even moved up a couple of centiles. He’s turning into a right little chunky Monkey now and he’s much happier and settled, I’m much happier and my clothes no longer carry vomit stains! Win Win!!

As I’m breastfeeding I can’t use carobel to thicken his milk but I usually use it to thicken his morning porridge or baby rice and sometimes during the day when giving him purees. As he’s getting older though I’m having to use it less and less as he’s eating more grown up food and managing his solids much better. All in all we’re both a lot happier and my baby is finally thriving after months of weight issues, which is one less weight on my mind.

You can find Carobel at select pharmacies and Boots will order it in for you but don’t tend to stock it. I fought to have it prescribed for Adam only to be told that it was no longer a Prescribed item and now I just order it on Amazon. You can find it here┬áif you wanted to give it a go for your little ones.

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