Adding some Glossier into my makeup and skincare…

I’m not going to lie it does feel a little strange doing a beauty related blog post but before I got pregnant this is all I blogged about and I forgot how much I enjoyed it but somewhere in all the craziness of sleepless nights and cluster feeds I moved away from beauty blogging and transitioned to blogging about motherhood.

Don’t get me wrong I love blogging about Motherhood and I couldn’t be happier with how my blogging has evolved over the years but the main reason for starting this new site and giving it a neutral name was to allow for that evolution without limiting its growth in any way.  My old blog was called Es-Jay Makeup and the name sort of gave it away with what the content would be based around but now I’m free to switch it up every now and then.

It’s safe to say my internet shopping spending definitely went up after giving birth!  I found that when I couldn’t muster the energy to get up and get dressed after a sleepless night, I could still pop online on my phone while breastfeeding and order things.  I’ve even memorized my Debit Card numbers so that I don’t even have to fish my card out of my purse whenever I found something online that I really wanted but was being pinned down by a hungry newborn.

One of those purchases included a cheeky little order from Glossier.  I’ve made it no secret that my skin did go a little bit crazy after giving birth.  I think the hormones were just too much to handle for not just my mind but my entire body!

So I picked up the infamous Milky Jelly Cleanser and I feel like this is exactly what my skin needed, just a simple gentle cleanser that wasn’t too harsh or chemically for my poor sensitive post natal skin.  I wasn’t really wearing makeup for a good few weeks after giving birth as I was too busy adjusting to that newborn life.

For my dry cracked post birth lips I picked up the Balm Dot Com Trio in Coconut, Birthday and Rose and these were an absolute lifesaver for my lips.  The final thing I picked up was the Stretch concealer and this is the thing I’m not totally sold on.  When it comes to concealer I need the big guns for these bags!  I like a full, full coverage and something that wont crease in my many mum wrinkles and this just doesn’t provide me with enough coverage.  It is lovely and creamy though and my skin has really calmed down since first having the baby so I’m going to put this away for days when I’m getting a bit more sleep and don’t need as much coverage.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.  I didn’t realise just how much I missed beauty blogging until I sat down to do it so stay tuned for more.

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Postpartum hair loss…

The best part about pregnancy for me, aside from feeling my baby thrive inside me of course, was the fact my hair had never looked or felt so healthy!  I was constantly complemented on how lovely and thick my hair was and then BAM! As soon as Adam was born it started shedding by the truck loads and still is!  I don’t get any compliments on the state of my hair anymore…

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My favourite Clarins skin saviours…

I’ve always been very lucky in the skin department.  I used to say I’d been blessed with good skin because I never got breakouts and although it is sensitive, I could get away with hardly using anything on it and did for many many years…Until I got pregnant and the rush of hormones caused my skin to freak out!  

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