Not For Aisha…for Adam!

It’s always lovely to be at home with your little precious bundle of joy, pouring all the love you can into beautifully home cooked meals that are not only nutritious but equally as delicious! We are fortunate enough to have a chest freezer in the house which has housed many, many ounces of breast milk and lots of pureed fruit and veg once Adam turned 6 months. I’m not even ashamed to say that once I’d gotten over the initial anxiety of weaning, I really enjoyed cooking up a storm in the kitchen, batch cooking as I went along and watching Adam lap up every last spoon.

Fast forward a few months and now picture my precious little bundle of joy, painstakingly going through separation anxiety (even whilst playing peek-a-boo!) topped with fighting a raging cold and the joys of teething and I just haven’t had the energy to cook, boil, mash, cool and freeze a batch of nutritious meal for Adam for a few weeks now.  Luckily I have enough to keep him going for a little while but I also cry a little inside when he refuses to eat the foods he used to once love that I’ve taken hours to prepare for him.

It’s times like this where you just have to lock the mum guilt away into a tiny little box at the back of your mind and pull out the ready made meals and now that Adam is a little bit older it’s really interesting to see how he will take to new and exciting flavours without me having to painstakingly batch cook all the different varieties, not knowing if he’ll even enjoy them or not.  So when the time comes that I can’t muster up the energy to cook a meal from scratch or Adam simply wont let me leave the room to do so I like to make sure that what we have in the cupboards is nothing short of the best for him.

So when I was contacted by the lovely Cass at For Aisha to see if I’d like to try some of their stage 2 and stage 3 meals for Adam I jumped at the chance because what they didn’t know is that I’d already picked up some of their stage 2 pouches myself (his favourite has to be the shepherd’s pie) and Adam had loved every last bit but they’re quite hard to get a hold of where we live. Knowing that their baby and toddler meals contained no preservatives, artificial additives or flavourings and that there was no added salt or sugar meant that I knew he wouldn’t be getting any nasties with this brand. And the fact that they only use 100% certified Halal meat in all their food was just the icing on the cake for me.

I’d been putting off trying him with the pouches for the past couple of weeks knowing that he’d been off his food with his cold and teething but I think the fact that every time I’ve given him a new taste to try he’s literally sucked every last bit of food straight from the pouch. Every flavour I’ve given him so far has gone down a treat and it just goes to show that even when he’s not really wanted to eat, he’s really enjoyed them!  His favourites seem to be the Jamaican Jerk chicken and the Mild Curried Chicken Dhal along with his Shepherd’s Pie of course and I’m really looking forward to trying him with the Stage 3 meals once he’s a little bit older.

I’m always a little reluctant to try new things with Adam and very skeptical when it comes to food that I’ve not prepared myself but when you find a brand that not only ticks all your boxes but tickles your child’s taste buds too its especially exciting as I know that if we’re ever in a rush and out of the house or in the car on a long journey I can pop a pouch in my bag for Adam and know that he’ll thoroughly enjoy his food.

We’ve booked a little staycation away in a few weeks times which is always lovely to get away but stressful knowing that I wont be able to cook anything for Adam or have anywhere to store any pre-cooked food. And although Adam really does love his food and will quite happily eat from my plate if he could, I will definitely be packing some of these meals in his bag safe in the knowledge that if we can’t find anything he likes to eat while we’re away or we get caught up in traffic and cant stop to feed him, I can always give him some food on the go.

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