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If you’re familiar with my breastfeeding journey post you will know that I encountered possibly every issue under the sun when breastfeeding Adam.  I also couldn’t have overcome most of those issues without a breast pump to help me through the rough nights and constant engorgement.  Since having Adam I’ve tried many pumps and spent a hell of a lot money trying them but after having tried the Milk Genie I wish I’d found this before splashing out on the others.

On first impressions I was very impressed, for the price you get a lot for your money.  The Milk Genie can be used as a double or single pump and therefore comes with two of everything ready to use for double pumping including two bottles, two sets of valves and membranes and each bottle even comes with a teat so you can literally pump and feed your baby straight away.  Each bottle comes with three different sized flanges which is amazing as most other pumps only come with the standard 24mm flange (the cone shaped shield of the pump that fits around your breast and nipple) however you also get 21mm and 27mm flanges within the kit so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for you without having to buy them separately at extra cost! Win Win!  I’ve spent many early mornings and late nights pumping in absolute agony because I’ve been using the wrong sized flange and just couldn’t bring myself to spend yet more money on buying another size.  With the Milk Genie you are pretty much ready to go from the second you open the box, they’ve even included international plug adaptors for pumping abroad! What more could you want?!

As if all that isn’t reason enough to give the Milk Genie a go, the actual pump itself is portable and lightweight, so much so that you can literally fit it in your pocket or handbag, it’s whisper quiet which is perfect for pumping discreetly on the go or at work and it has a rechargeable lithium battery so you can literally pump anywhere which is perfect for exclusive pumpers.  The memory function on the pump means that you can save your ideal setting, saving you lots of time fiddling around with buttons while pumping in the middle of the night or running around after a toddler for example.

Since beginning my breastfeeding journey with my little boy I’ve had to heavily rely on breast pumps for many reasons, in the beginning I pumped to give my nipples a break from all the constant feeding and when Adam continued to lose weight I pumped to be able to top him up with bottles after every feed.  When we both became quite unwell I pumped to keep up my milk supply as he was too weak to feed and now that feeding Adam is a dream I literally pump to relieve the engorgement overnight when he sleeps through til morning but whatever your reason for pumping I would seriously give the Milk Genie a go, at £108 including free UK postage it’s amazing value for money and I can’t thank Maire (the founder of Pumpables) and the whole Pumpables team enough for giving me the opportunity to try their wonderful pump!  I think I can even go as far as to say this pump is the best I’ve tried and I have tried A LOT of them, it even just nudges the Medela Symphony off the top spot and I’ve had that pump on a pedestal ever since I first tried it.

If you’re a first time mum struggling with breastfeeding like I was, or a working mum still wanting your little to have breast milk while you’re away I’d recommend giving the pumpables Milk Genie a go.

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  1. So happy to come by and read this review Syrah! We are thrilled that the Genie is working so well for you! You have some great articles here, than you!

    1. Thanks guys! I genuinely think you’re on to a winner with this one! In fact I’ll be very interested to see how you will top the Milk Genie!

  2. Love this pump! So quiet and effective, with amazing accessories. My baby will only drink from the bottle with this pump! Love the memory mode too, makes pumping handsfree a breeze!

    1. Hi Claire, Thank you so much for commenting, I ended up sticking with the 24mm Flange as that’s what I’m used to now. TMI but i think my nipples were probably a lot smaller when I first started pumping and breastfeeding but they’ve grown into the 24mm lol

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