Teething torture…

I didn’t think I’d be buying teething jewellery just yet but doesn’t time just fly when you’re having fun! Adam is five months old now and I can’t believe it!

I remember being in the newborn stage and really struggling with the lack of sleep and constant feeding and I wished for time to speed up and for him to grow up. Now I’d give anything for those precious moments and for time to just stop! I don’t want him to grow up, I don’t want him to hit that 6 month mark, or start eating solids, or crawl or walk! I want him to remain this little tiny baby that falls asleep in my arms, who can be screaming his little head off  but will always smile when he sees me, and who now gives me cuddles and dribbles on my face!

Sadly though that ain’t gonna happen! So as my little tiny baby grows into a not so tiny baby anymore, it’s up to me to help him along the way.  I’d popped a few teething toys and bits into my Amazon basket but didn’t think I’d be needing them just yet, little did I know Adam would start literally chomping down on my nipples during feeding and soak his clothes in dribble if he didn’t have a bib on! I’m not sure if he’s just being a dribbly, chewy baby or if he’s actually started the teething process but I wanted to give him something that would give him the relief he wanted.  His Lamaze soft toys just aren’t chewy enough!

I found this  Domire jewellery on Amazon and it’s been a life saver, literally!!  It’s 100% silicone so free from BPA’s and all other nasties and also aids development as it provides a distraction for him whilst he’s feeding.  They’re easy to wash in soap and warm water and every now and then I just sit them in a bowl of boiling water for 5 minutes just to make sure they’re extra clean.

The Hungry Caterpillar teething ring isn’t sterilizer safe and shouldn’t be subjected to extreme heat or cold so I just wash this in warm soapy water and leave it in the fridge and the cooling sensation provides relief for his gums and my nipples!

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